Stream Duck Sauce’s Quack LP

Good news boppers, the big alert is here.

Duck Sauce’s Quack LP can now be streamed in its entirety, here.

By now you should know we’re huge supporters of this album, and despite the all too childish It’s You, Quack’s uniquity in its techniques and its sound alike make it a complete winner.

Chariots of the Gods, Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph, Goody Two Shoes and Everyone are immediate favourites, but the entire selection radiates brilliant energy and warmth, and we’ve no doubt the others will soon gain our unconditional love also.

The little epilogues after each track are something else, too. Engaging and exciting. UFOs.

Release is april 15, 3 years to the dot after the Coachella weekend that the duo introduced many of these songs.

WATCH: Everybody back in 2010, @ DS’s incredibly feel good EDC set

Take a bow Alain, Armand, the wait was well worthwhile, this is thorough and we love it.


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